Sunday, October 19, 2014

What's Next...

After an improvement in my triathlon season, I jumped right into training for a full marathon.  Went from swim, bike, run, to just a run (just a run?! Eh, what's 26.2 mile).  But that will not be the only focus before I gear up for a half year training program for IMLP 2015.

Back in high school I never enjoyed running, even in college when I first began running for exercise, I still thought it was not fun.  But now I'm looking forward to getting out and hitting the pavement.  My times and effort expended have greatly decreased.  I credit not only another year of training under my belt but also a switch in nutrition and more of a focus on food as a fuel. I have incorporated AdvoCare into every aspect of my life,  whether training or overall wellness.  (If you're interested in clean eating, jump starting your weight loss goals, or at a plateau in your performance, this has helped me IMMENSELY.)

Mohawk Hudson Marathon was a success.  I did not hit my 4 hour goal, but I did get under 4.5 hours (4:19:17).  Next is the Goofy Challenge in Disney (a half on Saturday with the full the next day).  My goal is sub-2 hour half and sub-5 full (I'll already have a hard half under my feet the day beforehand).

In the "off season" I'll be incorporating more weights and lifting to not only strengthen the muscles but to give my mind a mental break.  I have already been doing that and feel great!  The mental break was greatly needed; feels good to regroup, refocus.  Sometimes you just need to shift gears and that makes all the difference in the world.

I'm sad this triathlon year is over, but I am so grateful and amazed at the outcome.  I feel I have made great strides. This is evidenced by the significant drop in my finish times for the races I participated in. I look forward to the grueling training I will embark on (weird to think I would ever think that!).  But for now I'm going to recharge by doing some other activities, other fitness avenues.

I'd like to thank my family especially for their love and support.  Without them, none of  this would be possible.  Their sanity and perspective have helped keep me focused.

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